Bread and circuses

This work was exhibited at Batumi Backyard Stories 2015.

Bread and circuses/პური და სანახაობა (2016) from fudasu on Vimeo.

The “Batumi Backyard Stories” is a grassroots cultural initiative that brings together artists and citizens to explore and co-create the hidden histories that exist within any given neighborhood in the city.

Interdisciplinary artist teams interviewed the families who live within a neighborhood courtyard block, discovering their cultural legacies and creating a customized art installation and performance event in their neighborhood courtyard. The public art installations payed homage to what the neighborhoods’ families believe are their most precious cultural heritage stories or daily practices, and the general public was invited to attend these celebratory opening events.

Once selected, interdisciplinary artists worked closely with the neighborhood residents to learn what the local families believe are their most precious cultural legacies – their histories, personal stories, daily practices and customs. The production was supported by a curatorial and publicity team and the event will be open to the public. Each of the courtyards was transformed into a temporary gallery and stage.


Materials: Old refrigerator, LED lights