Shelf Lamp

Shelf Lamp was created mostly as a result of experimenting with the material. Recently designer started to use concrete as a main material for interior lighting objects. His intention was the product to be the lightest possible despite the heaviness of the material and eventually this goal is achieved by creating the minimalistic form with a mirror  on inside walls and by plastering the shape of extremely light material with concrete.

PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: Lamp and shelf.

MATERIAL: Concrete, mirror, T4 fluorescent lamp (8watt), penoplast, wood.

DIMENSIONS 33,25,11 cm; thickness 0,5 cm 63,25,11 cm.



Multifunctional Shelflamp can be used as a floor or table based or as a wall lighting. If used as a shelf, there may be placed various interior objects like plants, vessel, books etc. Those two pieces may be arranged in diverse combinations towards each other and towards the space. The mirror between the light source and inside walls creates the illusion of deep inner space due to the mirror reflections. Although concrete is quite heavy material, this work is rather light and comfortable to move.

ShelfLamp – Lamp and Shelf became Bronze A’ Design Award  winner  in Lighting  Products and Lighting Projects Design category , 2015-2016.